The Anaphora of the Apostles


CELEBRANT: The Lord be with you all

PEOPLE: And with your spirit.

CELEBRANT: Give thanks to our God.

PEOPLE: It is right to give Him thanks.

CELEBRANT: Lift up your hearts.

PEOPLE: We lift them up unto our Lord.

CELEBRANT: We give you thanks, O Lord, by your beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, whom in the latter days you sent for us. He is Your Son the Savior and Redeemer, the angel of your counsel. He is the Word who is from You and through whom You made all things by your will…You sent your Son from heaven into the bosom of the Virgin…He became flesh, and was borne in the womb, and his birth was made known by the Holy Spirit…He came and was born of a virgin to fulfill your will and make a holy people for You…He stretched his hands to the passion, suffering to save the suffering who have trusted in Him. He offered Himself on His own will to the passion that He might destroy death, and burst the bond of Satan, trample on hell, lead forth the Saints, confirm the law, and make known his resurrection.

He took bread...He gave thanks…saying: Take, eat, this is my Body which is broken for you…

In the like manner, He took the chalice, saying: Take drink, this is my Blood which is shed for you…As often as you will do this, you will do it in remembrance of me.

Now also, O Lord, remembering His death and His resurrection, we offer unto you this Bread and this Chalice giving thanks to You. You have given us the favor of standing before You and doing Your priestly service…Uniting all those who are to receive his Body and his Blood, grant that it may be for their sanctification and that they may therefore receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and being confirmed in the true faith, they may give you glory and praise through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


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